Solatube Home Pricing

 Enhancing your home with natural light and energy-efficient ventilation is more affordable than you may think.
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What will it cost to bring daylight into my home?

Solatube Tubular Skylights can deliver daylight to rooms that traditional skylights cannot reach—and they can do it more cost-effectively and without major restructuring.

The cost depends on the size, roof type, and specification of your Solatube Tubular Skylight—see below for indicative tubular skylight pricing.

For your specific price, please contact us or schedule a free in-home survey.

ModelSystem DiameterInstalled Price including VAT
Solatube with Round Diffuser250mm (10") £1,075
Solatube with Square Diffuser 250mm (10") £1,175
Solatube with Round Diffuser350mm (14")£1,275
Solatube with Square Diffuser 350mm (14")£1,375

Installed price, based on a pitched roof system with Vusion diffuser and 1.8m (6ft) of tubing. Other configurations and options will vary in cost.

Solatube Add-ons

Solatube Accessories

Solatube offers a great range of optional accessories including integrated bathroom ventilation, daylight dimming and electric light options for night time use.

AccessorySystem DiameterInstalled Pricing
Integrated Electric Light Kit (LED)250mm (10")£199
Integrated Bathroom Ventilation Kit250mm (10")£299
Integrated SolarPowered Dimmer250mm (10")£375
Integrated Electric Light Kit (LED)350mm (14")£99
Integrated SolarPowered Dimmer350mm (14")£425

*Prices above include standard electrical connections.

Whole House Fan Demo

Whole House Fan

The quiet Solatube Whole House Fan will draw refreshing outside air into your living spaces so you don’t just recirculate the air in your home, you replace it with fresh air. Keeping your home refreshed and healthy.

Estimated pricing with installation for our Whole House Fan ranges from £1500 – £2500 depending on the size and model of the system. For an exact price, please contact us or schedule a free in-home consultation.


ModelVariable Speed MotorHouse AreaRemote Control Hand Held or Wall mount
Whole House Fan 1500VSYesUp to 300 sqmYes
Whole House Fan 3000VSYes 300-600 sqmYes
Whole House Fan 4500VSYes600-900 sqmYes
Whole House Fan 6000VSYes900+ sqmYes

Zoned installation available.

Attic Fan

Our Solar Powered Roof Fans use the sun’s energy to extract excessive heat resulting in a more comfortable space, with no running costs.

Now that’s pretty cool!

Estimated pricing with installation starts at £999. For an exact price, please contact us for a quotation.

ModelCertified Installation Available
Solar Attic Fan RM 2400Yes
Solar Attic Fan RM 1500Yes
Solar Attic Fan IM 1500Yes

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