Light Tunnels & Sun Tubes

The best way to add natural light into your home

Solatube Light Tunnels are an easy and affordable way to add natural light to your home. Windows and doors have limitations on the areas that can be reached. Bring daylight directly into your home using our Light Tunnels or Light Tube Skylights.

What is a Light Tunnel?

A light tunnel, also known as a solar tube, sun tube, light tube, or sun tunnel, is a tubular skylight that works by directing sunlight into interior spaces through a highly reflective tube. They are a hugely effective and popular method of bringing light into your home, where traditional windows and skylights/roof windows may not be able to.


These types of lighting systems are particularly useful for rooms that aren’t next to external walls or don’t have direct access to natural light through windows, for example hallways, bathrooms, attics, basements, and garages.

An Energy-Efficient Way to Light Up Your Home

Since light tunnels (or light tubes) harness natural daylight and channel it into areas of your home that would normally require artificial lighting, they are designed to enhance energy efficiency. This means reduced electricity consumption and therefore reduced costs on energy bills, as well as the proven benefits of natural daylight over artificial lighting on your overall wellbeing.

How do we bring the outside in?

Utilising cutting-edge technology, Solatube daylighting systems capture sunlight throughout the day from virtually any angle. This is achieved by directing sunlight through tubes crafted from the world’s most reflective material. The result is a beautiful and efficient delivery of light into your home, illuminating even the darkest of spaces.

Solatube’s light tunnel skylights are designed to enhance your living environment, shedding light on the things and people you love the most.

3 Easy steps to choose your Solatube

Choose your system

Do you prefer classic curves or modern angles? Choose the option that complements your room and decor. Not sure? Pop into our showroom and see the range.

Select your size

Customise your system

The ceiling diffuser is the most visible element of your Solatube Daylighting System—the part you’ll see inside your home — so it needs to look good.

How our service works

Schedule an appointment

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During your appointment

We’ll assess your property and provide expert advise on which product would be best. We’ll measure up and give you a quote.

Product installation

If you want to go ahead. We can schedule a second appointment or fit the product the same day, whatever works for you.

How are our sun tubes installed?

In order to install a light tunnel, we will first work with you to identify the best location for the sun tube, to meet your requirements and maximise efficiency. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best placement for your skylights, in order to get the most benefit.


A hole is then created in your roof (our systems work with almost any roof type), before the tube is directed down into the gap. Finally, a light diffuser is installed at the inside end of the tunnel (in your chosen room), which disperses the natural light into the room.


The installation process is quick and efficient, and you can start enjoying the benefits straight away!

A man installing a Solatube light tunnel on a roof

Ready to bring more light into your home?

If you have one or more rooms in your home that could benefit from some natural light, why not speak to our team about how installing a tubular skylight could benefit you? Schedule an appointment with us today, and start harnessing the power of natural light.


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Sun tubes are an effective way of capturing sunlight and delivering it into interior spaces. They provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to illuminate your home without the need for electricity.

A light tunnel or sun tunnel can be installed on a range of roof types, including flat, sloped, and pitched roofs. To speak to our friendly team about your specific requirements and get our product recommendations, get in touch today.

Light tunnels actually minimise heat gain in summer and also heat loss in the winter, making them a practical lighting solution all year round.