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Book an installation for your Solar-Powered Attic Fan with Solatube Home. An attic fan removes heat and moisture from your loft space to ensure your home is fit for purpose all year round. Make your home cooler in the summer, and reduce the risk of mould in the winter.

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Attic Fans – Fights Mold and Moisture

Our RM 1500 attic fan is compact and yields 16 watts of power.

16 Watt Solar Attic Fan

How It Works

Here’s how our process works, from quotation to getting your Solar-Powered Attic Fan fitted.

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3. Installation

One of our attic fan installation experts will come and install the fan on a date and time convenient for you!

UK-Wide Solar Attic Fan Installation

No matter where you’re based in the UK, our team is here to help. Request a quote today and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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A diagram that shows how the Solatube Home Solar-Powered Attic Fan works.

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We offer a range of different products that our customers love to improve their home lighting and ventilation. Our range includes Skylights, Whole-House Fans and Garage Fans. Check out the reviews that we’ve had below for the installation services we offer.

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Dinah BarryDinah Barry
12:23 29 Sep 23
Exceptionally prompt and helpful service and a great job. Our house is transformed by the new light the solar tubes let in- it’s magical
16:10 14 Sep 23
The product is excellent and gives amazing light into the 2 areas we had them installed, especially the kitchen. We keep thinking that we have left the lights on! The 2 guys who fitted them came on time and were very friendly and just got on with the job efficiently. They did an excellent job and made hardly any mess. I can definitely recommend them to do a good job and so far the product has proved an excellent and worthwhile purchase.Thank you.
Martin GilbertMartin Gilbert
07:17 13 Sep 23
Had a light tube fitted by solatube in January this year and I am very pleased with it , it's my second light tube in my bungalow the first one fitted five years ago by a Czech company as it used to be hard to get them fitted.I found Solatube on the internet they were fantastic no mess when having it fitted and even comes with a light inside to use in the evening.
James EarlJames Earl
14:01 12 Sep 23
Very professional and helpful advice prior to purchasing. Excellent quality in the way fhey work.
Shirley HansonShirley Hanson
13:19 12 Sep 23
We were really pleased with the customer service from Solatube. There was a speedy response to our enquiry and excellent communication over lead times and installation dates. The company was very knowledgeable about their product. We found the installation team very good to deal with and left the job clean and tidy. Would certainly recommend the technology and this company.
Colin PrescottColin Prescott
12:51 12 Sep 23
Great product. Service was amazing from first contact right up to installation. Highly recommended
Deepak SharmaDeepak Sharma
09:14 02 Sep 23
I had one Solatube fitted, first a quick survey and then the installation all very quick and professional. The light tube has made a massive difference to the dark hallway. Would recommend.
Jim BlincowJim Blincow
17:09 31 Aug 23
We are in the process of fitting a new bathroom. The room is small with no windows and so no natural light, something we want to have to complement the new bathroom. We considered a velux roof window but this was not feasible due to the roof/ceiling configuration. We then looked at several ‘sun tunnel’ options, one of them being the Solatube offering.Solatube responded quickly to our request for a quote by arranging fo c within a few days. Peter and Owen carried out a thorough review / assessment of the situation and then explained how the Solatube sun tunnel works and where it would be located on the roof/ceiling. We were impressed with the product, considering it as more substantial and better quality than other options we looked at. As for Peter and Owen , we were struck by their politeness and knowledge of the product and the way they explained things in a clear to understand manner, making sure we fully understood everything. As a direct result of their visit we asked for a quote via email which we received the following day. Having accepted the quote we contacted Solatube and spoke to Emma to arrange the installation day. Emma proved a good ambassador for the company as she kindly showed patience and understanding as we swapped our preferred date a couple of times (thanks Emma). Peter and Owen arrived on the agreed date and time to install the sun tunnel. They completed the required tasks within the expected time frame, working efficiently as a team and leaving impacted areas clean. Overall, a good professional job. We are really please with the result (see attached photos showing a before and after). Many thanks to the Solatube team, you have brightened up our home 👍
Sandra BouguerchSandra Bouguerch
11:25 26 Aug 23
Professional business, workmen were ontime and very clean and tidy. Would use again and the amount of light now is great. Keep thinking I left the light on!
Brenda HicklingBrenda Hickling
18:50 25 Aug 23
We have had 2 Solatubes in a windowless bathroom and the other on the landing. They look fantastic and are very neat and compact. The light these products generate is far beyond our expectations and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. We are particularly pleased with the design of the one in the bathroom as it also incorporates the ceiling light within it. It is so nice to be able to go upstairs or to the bathroom during the day without having to put the light on!With regards to the company, we received a first class service, from our initial contact right through to completion. We were given a quote and the products were fitted within 2 weeks. The 2 fitters that did the job were very friendly, polite and professional. They explained what they were doing and answered all questions. The work was done quickly, to a high standard with very little mess. They took all packaging away and left the areas clean and tidy.We would highly recommend this company and the products they supplied and fitted
Christine LudlamChristine Ludlam
13:25 24 Aug 23
First rate job. Clean, tidy, professional: what more could you ask? Plus the light tubes are fantastic for providing maximum daylight in an otherwise dark area of my kitchen. Well impressed.
Martin WilliamsMartin Williams
16:16 11 Aug 23
Solatube installed 2 kits that we'd had for a number of years. Emma was extremely helpful when making original contact with them, and subsequently making the arrangements for us. The guys who did the installation were on time, quick, efficient, and did a great job. No hesitation in recommending!

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The Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

Year-Round Comfort and Protection

The inside of a roof with ice build-up, that is causing structural damage and decay.

Remove Winter Mould and Moisture

During the winter, solar-powered attic fans help to equalise interior and exterior temperatures, safeguarding homes from the worst of winter.

  • Prevents leaks and structural decay triggered by ice build-up on your roof
  • Avoids damage to insulation and framing materials produced by moisture accumulation
  • Fights weakening of internal structures caused by mould and fungus growth
A diagram that shows how the Solatube Home Attic Fan works in the summer. Hot air is being replaced with cooler air in the loft of a home. This is indicated with blue arrows for cool air, and red arrows for warmer air.

Beat the Summer Heat

As summer arrives, the attic fans continue to excel by extracting heat from the loft, ensuring a cool and comfortable interior.

  • Extracts heat from your attic
  • Provides a more comfortable house interior
  • Keeps roof structures and materials from deteriorating


The attic fans are powered by the sun, leading to energy savings.

The solar-powered operation ensures an environmentally friendly solution.

Low Energy Bills

Reduce Your Bills

Installing a Solar-Powered Attic Fan could help you reduce your bills. Cost savings that come from installing a Solar Attic Fan include:

  • As our attic fans are powered by the sun, this leads to energy savings and reduced utility bills.
  • Attic fans help to keep the temperature of your home warmer in winter, and cooler in summer. This reduces your heating bill in winter, and air conditioning costs in the summer.
  • Having mould in your attic can lead to severe structural issues that could damage your property. Installing an attic fan minimises the chances of this happening, potentially saving you thousands on fixing severe structural issues.
Home Ventilation

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Our attic fans operate quietly, ensuring that they do not interfere with your daily activities.

The Attic Fans We Offer

We have different types of Solar Attic Fans for you to choose from, varying in power, size, and fit.

Roof Mount 2400

When summer hits, you want a solution with serious power to vent the heat from your attic. The RM 2400 is our biggest attic fan ever, with an industry-leading 35-watt solar panel that generates maximum energy for major air movement. That converts the power into higher fan speeds, with minimal vibration and sound.

An image of the Roof Mount 2400 sitting on a grey roof. There's a blue sky and the sun is shining.

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An image of the roof mount 1500 sat on a grey roof.

Roof Mount 1500: Compact and Powerful

For smaller attics, open ceiling garages and even sheds, you may not need as much power. That’s where the RM 1500 comes in. With a 16-watt solar panel, it creates just the right amount of airflow for efficient venting of heat and moisture.

Interior Mount 1500: Works with Existing Attic Venting

Designed to mount inside your attic, the Solar Star Ventilation Fan IM 1500 converts passive vents into an active, solar-powered venting system. The 16-watt solar panel sits discreetly on your roof to maintain your home’s kerb appeal.

Varying Profiles

Our attractive solar attic fans come in multiple profiles. The High Profile Roof Mount is more of an aesthetic preference, while the Pitched Roof Mount improves exposure to the sun on north-facing roof applications.

An attic fan showing an example of the high-profile roof mount. The attic fan sits parallel with the grey roof.

High Profile Roof Mount

This mounting is typically for customers who want their attic fan to sit parallel with their roofing.

The pitched roof wall mount sits on a different angle to the grey roof.

Pitched Roof

Our pitched roof flashing is the most popular of all the mounting options due to its ability to capture a larger volume of sunlight throughout the day.

The Tile Roof mount integrates with the terracotta tile roof.

Tile Roof

Our proprietary designed flashing integrates seamlessly with the tile roof structure.

Solatube Attic Fan Accessories

Want more out of your venting system? Solar Attic Fan add-ons maximise performance to ensure every corner of your loft is properly vented.

A Thermal Switch to temperature control an attic fan.

Add the Thermal Switch – Temperature Controlled Attic Fans

Maximise motor performance by adding a Temperature Controlled Thermal Switch to any attic fan model. Using a thermal switch, the fan will turn off when it gets cold and turn itself back on when the temperature gets hot in your attic.  The thermal switch activates when temperatures reach approximately 29° C and deactivates when temperatures drop below 18° C. Can be installed on all attic fan models.

The RM 1500 Add-on Panel for the Solar Attic Fan.

RM 1500 Add-On Panel – For boosting performance

When shadows limit sun exposure and minimise the performance of your Solar Star Ventilation Fan, supplement its operation with the RM 1500 Add-on Panel to ensure continuous operation throughout the day.

Cool Your Home with the Whole-House Fan and Attic Fan

Combining the Whole-House Fan and Attic Fan gives your home the ultimate cooling solution.

When it’s cooler outside, the Whole-House Fan pushes the hot air outside and pulls in cool air. When the sun comes up, the Solar-Powered Attic Fan prevents heat from entering your home.

Using both fans together gives you the perfect solution to keep your home cool.

Ultimate Cooling System

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