Top Tips for Turning an Attic Into a Bedroom

Many houses come with additional space that homeowners choose to use simply for storage. While it’s nice to have extra room for storing boxes of old or seasonal items, there are better ways to utilize that spare room. If you are looking to expand the number of bedrooms in your home or increase your home’s value, one very simple solution is to transform your attic space into another functioning bedroom.

However, this takes more than just putting a mattress up there and calling it a day. There is a process to ensure the space is transformed from a dark and dingy storage space into an inviting living area. Here are the top tips that a homeowner should follow when turning an attic into a bedroom. 

Add Thermostat to Your Attic Renovation

Install Temperature Control Features

Not nearly enough households have proper levels of ventilation in this area of the home. This not only poses a challenge for turning it into a livable area but also puts the structural integrity of the space at risk. Even in an area where people are not frequently entering, it’s important to ensure there is proper ventilation to prevent longterm damage and discomfort. For someone who is planning to turn their attic into a new bedroom, one of the most essential features that need to be installed is an efficient way of controlling the temperature.

There are two main options that will help with this. The first of these options is to take a look at the amount of insulation within the space. Some areas do not have nearly enough insulation within them, which makes them far more susceptible to heat loss. By adding an additional layer of insulation to the roof and walls, it can vastly improve the room’s ability to maintain a comfortable state.

An even more effective way to improve temperature control in this space is to install an attic fan. This will allow the area to have continuous channels of airflow. The fan will be able to pull hot air out through the vents while drawing in fresh outside air from an open window or operable skylight. This will make whoever is living in the space feel much more comfortable all year long and help to ensure the roof suffers as little temperature-related stress as possible. 

Attic Renovation Skylight Lighting

Add Proper Lighting

No one wants to live in an area that has very poor lighting. This not only makes the room seem gloomy but it can actually make it appear smaller as well. That is why having sufficient lighting is crucial when turning the space into a bedroom. Artificial lighting can be used for this purpose; however, this usually means installing light fixtures and having to potentially deal with wiring issues. A better way of ensuring the area has proper levels of lighting is to install a skylight in the San Diego home. 

Skylights are a beautiful add-on to any home and can be especially beneficial when creating an attic bedroom. These sleek additions will allow the room to be filled with natural light, which is bound to make the room look bigger as well as more inviting. Installing a skylight is also a fairly cheap and easy process, which cannot always be said for other lighting projects. 

Once the sun goes down, the amount of lighting will obviously diminish, but will also give the person sleeping in the space a gorgeous view of the night sky. On top of all this, installing a solar operable skylight in a Los Angeles home can also qualify homeowners for a federal tax credit. So not only are skylights a great option for allowing vast amounts of light into the area, but they also increase the value of the home and allow homeowners to save money in the long run. 

Include Basic Plumbing

Not everyone who lives in this space is going to need a full bathroom setup in the area with them. However, most people would really love to have at least a toilet and sink that’s easily accessible. Many homeowners do not attempt this because they believe it would be a big and expensive project that requires a lot of major construction. This does not have to be true if the homeowner simply uses up-flush plumbing. 

Trying to create a traditional plumbing network when there are no existing pipes to work off of can be somewhat of a tricky process. However, creating an up-flush network in an area where there is nothing to start with is a much simpler process. Up-flush plumbing can also adapt to smaller areas, such as this, much easier than traditional plumbing. 

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